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The sad truth about the reopening of tertiary institutions (with COVID 19)


It is no secret that since the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown has unleashed drastic effects on us, especially on our youths in Nigeria 🇳🇬 today. images 22 

It is no secret that our youths in Nigeria have not been kept busy since around March this year, due to the COVID 19 lockdown in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

Since the time the lockdown began, it has affected the general populace, all classes of people in Nigeria 🇳🇬. It put a pause to virtually all activities in the country and the consequences of this are evident.

The reopening of tertiary institutions now in Nigeria is supposed to be of paramount importance because the lockdown consequences on youths are very drastic.

First of all, the number of unemployed has constantly increasing. When the youths were in school, this was a bit more negligible than it is now.

Thousands of youths look for jobs now because they have been at home for a long period of time, and have little hope about the resumption of their schools.

They believe it would be better if they began making money with this time. This has resulted in increase in the labor force.

On a normal note, an increase in the labor force should be followed by an increase in the number of jobs. In Nigeria 🇳🇬 before now, it has been followed by no net change in the number of available jobs.

Unfortunately, in this COVID 19 lockdown situation, this increase in the labor force has been followed by a decrease in number of jobs, since this jobs have been frozen and some even vanished.images 23

Furthermore, as the number of unemployed has increased, and the number of jobs reduced, parents no longer have the ability to keep feeding so many mouths.

When these people had their schools open, parents could send them money 💵 to take care of themselves for that period and still try hard to fend for themselves at home 🏡 with the little remaining.

The students would have been able to work the rest themselves, they had their accommodation covered at least(for those who dwelt in the hostels) and many other things.

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Now, parents are not just denied the privilege of taking care of less number of people, but also the sources of income.

Apart from the aforementioned, another effect is that the crime rate in Nigeria due to roaming of jobless youths everywhere every day has increased.

images 24A saying goes, ‘An idle mind is the devil’s 👿 workshop’. These minds have been idle for close to half a year and most of them have become fully developed workshops.

The increase in the crime of rape is already cause for concern. Yes, no matter what, people still commit these crimes, but the situation has never gotten so bad.

If these youths had other things to think of, the case would be very different. If they had jobs to think of, there would be little time for this.

Today, we hear about rape, Yahoo, robbery, all because of joblessness.

The Military forces aren’t making matters any better.

If they had their academic work to think of, the case couldn’t be more different from what we have now.

Again, the Government keeps giving the youths hopes that they are the leaders of tomorrow. One can only wonder when this ‘tomorrow’ will actually come 😂😂.

As the leaders of tomorrow for the country, it is only natural that more attention should be paid to their development, aimed at a better tomorrow for Nigeria 🇳🇬.

This is much more than can be said about Nigeria.

Honesty, we even dwell more on the past than on the present, even before we think of the future.

I’m not saying that reopening of schools is the only solution.

The point I’m actually making is that since the lockdown is being eased, efforts should be made on the reopening of schools by the Government.

For weeks, we have been hearing of arguments on the reopening of schools. Well, I say it’s high time our Government made a decision.

What do you all say?

Who is with me on this?

Your views are welcome in the comment box below 👇 👇 👇.

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