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Patricia is a scam:- A morden day online scammer swindled in a well designed attire


This is a very serious scam alert

A Nigerian who goes by the name Paul Udochukwu shares his horrible experience transacting with Patricia

Read along 👇

My personal encounter with Patricia.
Having heard a number of my favorite social media comedians advertise them on their comedy skit, I had them on my list of possible legit but the on-going Big Brother Naija reality show cemented my trust in them.

And that was how I signed abreast of their platform. I downloaded their app from the play store and provided the required details required.

Fast-ward to Saturday 22nd August 2020. I fell prey to at least one of the foremost goofily orchestrated scams of modern-day online business transacting.

My happenstance.

I transacted on the Patricia app platform to redeem a $100 Amazon gift card. I sent them a replica of the cardboard and its receipt by 5:08am that Saturday morning.

I chose the cash receipt option. After getting notification of a successful transaction, (which I felt was the prove that the entire process of transacting was over).

I went on to my transaction history to watch the progress of the transaction. It displayed PENDING because the transaction status, within a brief time span it changed to PROCESSING and eventually it read DECLINED.

Then I subsequently got an email which read this

I was calm and unsuspecting at initial because I felt it had been quite early within the morning and again I assumed they transacted only on weekdays.

I made some inquiries later during the day and was assured they transacted on Saturdays too.

Once more i attempted again, this point choosing the E-code (no receipt) option around 12:04pm that very same Saturday, only to be notified ASAP via my transaction status which read DECLINED.

I was subsequently notified via email.

I was agitated at now . Furious and mad at what I just witnessed.

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And this was how I started digging to show the dubious and pernicious Patricia platform.

The Reviews on Google Play Store Are Horrible
Firstly, I visited Google play store to look at people’s reviews, only to seek out cases almost like mine. And this gave me the conviction that this wasn’t a mistake but a deliberate act.

I Called Their Customer Care
Though there are a couple of other negative reviews about this platform, I simply chose the problems almost like mine.

Later that evening I called their customer care line. Having finished recounting my ordeal, she told me to contact the one that bought me the cardboard and therefore the subsequent blah blah blah…

Similarly,the others having my kind of problem where told the same thing

After all my discoveries, I asked myself two striking questions.

👉 Why would a self-acclaimed credible platform like Patricia allow customers to send sensitive details like scratched gift cards for processing once they haven’t any side-by buyer ( or what the chose to present as “we don’t have a lively trade for this card at the moment”).

👉 Why did it take 21 minutes to process the cardboard board at my first trial (from 5:08 – 5:29am) and quarter-hour to process the card on second trial (from 12:04 – 12:19)… My guess is you guys were taking some time redeeming my gift card for yourselves..

Please and please, to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed, I strictly advise anyone eager to do gift card transactions to avoid using the Patricia platform.

Yes, some have successfully transacted on this platform but that doesn’t deduct the very fact that they deliberately scam unsuspecting individuals.

Forget their quite presentable adverts and whoever they use as brand ambassador, I fell for it and got scammed. Be wise.

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