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Happy Independence Day, Nigeria @ 60, is Nigeria really fit for this independence?


Today, being the first of October 2020, we mark Nigeria’s 60th birthday. Happy Independence Day! The big question is, Have we really lived up to expectation as a 60-year old country.

Taking a stroll through the streets of time, right from the time we started being colonized by the British, Nigeria has actually thrived as a true nation should do.

Prior to the Civil war that happened, Nigeria used knowledge gotten from the colonial masters for its development, and in a positive way.

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe as Ceremonial President, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as Prime Minister, Nigeria was a nice country.

At that time, there was a chance that there were more patriotic citizens than not.

Even when these rulers died, Nigeria was fair enough, until Tribalism started. From tribalism sprung the 1967 – 1970, with revolts and persecution of the Igbos.

Let’s forget about the details of the aftermath of that Civil War. Let’s switch to the drift from military rule to Civilian rule.

At this point, plans were devised in order to industrialize Nigeria. The Public Sector sprung into action, and soon the private sector began enlarging.

At that time, we all thought Nigeria had a promising future. In fact, it wasn’t just a thought. there was actually a way ahead. In the course of all this, Nigeria began failing.

Corruption had been in before, as is always in a normal Administration, but soon, it became so unbearable.

Today, we aren’t even sure whether or not there is a light ahead. The most believable predictions are the ones that say that Nigeria would soon be sold to another country.

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Most people on the street say “Make they sell this scam country give us change

A New Beginning! 

 Independence day

Happy Independence Day once more.

Can this really be changed by the citizens?

Honestly, I don’t think so. No matter the activity by citizens, no major thing can change if the Government isn’t changed.

They keep saying it is caused by our votes, yet they still influence our votes in corrupt manners.

What Nigeria needs is to pray for a morally upright person to appear in Government. This is what we need more than anything now, someone who has suffered like us.

Someone who knows what the fault of Nigeria is. We are fed up with the rule of these old men.

Love this country, pray for Nigeria.


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