Is this a solution?COVID-19: FG to disinfect schools nationwide

COVID-19: FG to disinfect schools nationwide

The Federal Government has announced plans for the disinfection and decontamination of schools nationwide.


Muhammad Mahmood, the Minister of Environment disclosed this at the Presidential Task Force briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja.


He said the Federal Ministry of Environment would get the data of schools nationwide from the Federal Ministry of Education before commencing.


Mahmood said, “We are initiating a programme of decontaminating and disinfecting our schools before they open.


“Because subsequently in the phases (of reopening the lockdown), I believe we will get to that point when we start opening the schools.


“So, we will be liaising with the Federal Ministry of Education to make sure we have the needed data to carry out the exercise.”


He also noted that ministry had been making efforts to commence the programme, but didn’t state when the exercise would start.


Mahmood said, “Today we will like to brief you on our first video conference with our Environmental Health Sanitation desks across the country, the 36 states plus the FCT.


“Also in attendance was a representative of the World Health Organisation, the purpose of which is to build additional capacity and to reiterate adherence to the guidelines in this response to COVID-19.”


May/June 2020 WASSCE was not cancelled – WAEC

May/June 2020 WASSCE not never cancelled – WAEC Body

The West African Examinations Council(WAEC) has appealed to Nigerians to ignore reports in circulation that claim the council has cancelled the May/June 2020 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).


Note this: In a statement by the head of WAEC, Nigeria, Patrick Areghan, on Monday, the council said the notice alleging the cancellation of 2020 WASSCE did not emanate from it.


The council described the publication as “patently false and deceitful.”

“It is nothing but the handiwork of mischief makers who are out to defraud innocent and unsuspecting candidates and their parents/guardians,” the council said.


According to the council, “Our attention has been drawn to a fake publication circulating in the social media, to the effect that the WAEC has cancelled the conduct of the WASSCE for School Candidates, 2020, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and was, therefore, set to refund N22,500 to candidates who had enrolled for the examination.


“To begin with, the fee for the examination is N13,950 only and not N22,500. WAEC, as an examining body in the sub-region, has not announced the cancellation of the examination,” the council said.


WAEC Body said it only announced a postponement until normalcy is restored. WAEC couldn’t have made a mistake in the full meaning of its acronym.”

The Weac council said it will come up with a new International Timetable for the conduct of the examination in the West African sub-region once the situation returns to normal,

“This will take effect after due consultations with relevant stakeholders.

The Candidates for Weac are, therefore, advised to disregard the publication and concentrate on studying hard for the examination,” the council said.


Lagos endorses e-address entries for tertiary foundations

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has affirmed extraordinary e-entryways that will permit Lagos State tertiary establishments begin online talks as a major aspect of measures to diminish the effect of Coronavirus on training.

The seven schools that will profit by the activity are:

Lagos State University (LASU),

Lagos State Polytechnic

Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education.

Michael Otedola College of Primary Education

Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM)

Lagos College of Health Technology and

Lagos State College of Nursing and Midwifery.

This was revealed in an announcement marked Tokunbo Wahab, Special Adviser to the Governor on Education​.

Sanwo-Olu endorsed the virtual classes to guarantee physical removing among understudies and their instructors. The move will likewise help in the support of the State’s tertiary scholastic schedule regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All understudies ought to amplify the special chance to keep themselves connected with while the lockdown emerging from the pandemic endures.

“Our uncommon thanks must go to Mr. Representative for this endorsement and for making Lagos the pacesetter among 21st century information driven social orders”


Ten Excellent Ways To Reshape Your Life

Expert Author Dr Marci Bryant

1. Discover your Strengths (If you don’t know what they are you need to find out)! What are you doing when you are at your best?

This question is deceptively simple but incredibly powerful. The most successful people in the world have discovered the things they are best at and build their working lives around those strengths.

If you don’t know what your strengths are you can purchase a book that offers the test, it called STRENGTHS FINDERS.

2. Do a time diary How do you (really) spend your time?

For one day, write down what you want to accomplish and then use any one of the online tools to keep a record of everything you do. Do some research to find one that is right for you. At the end of the day compare your goals with what actually happened. You can also do this without the expense of spending any funds if you are disciplined enough to do it.

This is an amazingly revealing exercise because it shows you how much time you waste on random, useless activities. How much time do you spend checking email? How much time on Facebook? How much time endlessly browsing the news, feeling productive but not actually accomplishing anything?

As an exercise, see if you can identify the 20% of your time that produced 80% of your results. What can you do to have more highly productive time like this?

3. Set Weekly Goals and Review Progress

What is your #1 goal this week? Setting goals is necessary. They help keep you focused. You waste less time and less money.

This personal investment strategy is similar to time management, but it lasts for an entire week. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in the day to day rush that we fail to step back and look at the things that are most critical.

Ten Excellent Ways To Reshape Your Life

It’s the old urgent-versus-important problem. We spend our time dealing with small, urgent issues, when we should be focusing on important (but non-urgent) tasks. This week, fight back against the chaos by setting one main goal that you want to have accomplished in seven days. You can also pick two secondary goals if you’re feeling ambitions, but no more than that.

Look back on how you did at the end of the week. Did setting goals help you work more purposefully and effectively? If you had done nothing but work on your three main goals, what would have happened?

4. Get a Mentor

This is a harder challenge, but the benefits are worth it.

You need to find a mentor .

Make a list of everyone you know who has a lot of experience in your line of business. If you don’t know anyone who meets this criterion, broaden the search to people you know who were very successful in another field or with whom you particularly resonate.

Then, rank order your list of potential mentors by preference and start contacting them! Try to set up a regular meeting time and overarching goals for the relationship when you first get together. I’d also recommend establishing a task to work on in between each of your meetings, so you can get feedback and support from your mentor.

Mentoring relationships are a powerful source of knowledge, inspiration and connections – don’t miss out!

5. Read a Great Book

Great books are like prepackaged boxes of ideas, painstakingly put together by a brilliant author for you to assimilate. Why not take advantage of this amazing resource?

Here are a few of my favorite business books. I challenge you to read at least one of them over the next month:

Twenty Steps to a More Glorious You

Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki

Cha- Ching – Jeffrey Gitomer

Become Rich on Main Street – Rick Pierce

Each of these books transformed the way I thought about business. Reading these books is like hiring a business coach for just a fraction of the cost!!!

6. Start a Habit that will cause you to “stretch”

What is one thing you wish you did every day?

Here are some ideas:

  • Write a blog post
  • Learn something
  • Exercise
  • Reach out to an influencer
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • (think of a productive habit that you would like to do)
  • Guest post


Either take one of the above ideas or come up with your own. You’re about to make the chosen activity into a habit that you perform each and every day, using one simple truth.You can do anything for 21 days. Make it be something that you want to incorporate in your life..

7. Build Your Personal Brand

What does your online presence look like? What happens when someone Google’s your name?

The topic of personal branding is too big to cover right here, so I’ll limit myself to one actionable suggestion.

Challenge: Create an “Info-graphic Resume.”

An info-graphic resume is a small, visually appealing webpage/rack card that provides your bio, contact information, accomplishments and skills.

Next time you need to introduce yourself to someone online, just direct them to your resume page (that wasn’t so hard!).

8. Be Thankful

Being thankful is surprisingly powerful.

As Shawn Achor explains in his TED talk, taking five minutes each day to list three things you’re thankful for trains your mind to look for the positive. Amazingly, maintaining a positive mindset makes you more productive and effective in your work (as well as happier in general!).

Who knew?

As an aside, I started doing this a few months ago. Within a week of adopting this habit, I had a string of absolutely incredible brainstorming sessions that gave me a vision for Viibrant’s development over the next year.

That week was one of the most productive and creative periods in my life… and I wonder if it had anything to do with my new “thankfulness” habit. It may have just been a coincidence, but we’ll never know for sure.

9. Find Your Why

Purpose is a powerful thing. It gets you up in the morning and keeps you awake at night. Anyone who accomplished anything great was driven by a strong, deeply-held belief of what is wrong with the world and how it can be made right.

What is your purpose? Why do you work?

Take an hour today to sit quietly by yourself and reflect on what you care about most deeply. What types of “bigger than yourself” activities really get you fired up or make you feel most fulfilled?

Don’t skip this challenge. The benefits of knowing your purpose will last a lifetime.

10. The Biggest Danger Is Inaction

Change is always scary, and you may be reluctant to implement these suggestions for fear of what might happen to your business. But experimenting with these ideas will likely go unnoticed by most of your customers, especially those new to your business. If the changes aren’t beneficial, you can always revert back to your old policies and pricing.

Without taking action, you’ll never know how much money could be added to your bottom line.

Conclusion: Are you ready to get started with these challenges?

No one will do this work for you. How important


ASUU, FG to Strike Deal Soon

The face-off between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the federal government may likely be resolved as soon as the country-wide lockdown caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 ends, 180NOBS  investigation has revealed.

An indication to this emerged at the weekend as both sides appeared to share similar views on the need for concessions following the impacts of COVID-19, which cut across every sector of the country’s economy.

The reconciliatory tone came just as ASUU said that its members in the Chemistry and Pharmacy departments at the various universities in the country have teamed up to support the campaign against the virus by initiating the production and distribution of hand sanitizers and other protective materials.

ASUU, whose members embarked on an indefinite strike action few days before the federal government closed educational institutions as part of measures to contain the virus, said at the weekend that it did not rule out the possibility of concessions.

In the same vein, 180NOBS  gathered from a top official of the Federal Ministry of Finance that the federal government will most likely release the withheld salaries of ASUU members as a form of olive branch to quicken the resolution of the crisis in the education sector.

180NOBS  reliably gathered that before talks broke down between the two sides last month, the federal government had made offers to ASUU.

President of the union, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, who spoke to 180NOBS  in a telephone interview at the weekend said the union understood the precarious position the country had found itself and that it would be open to dialogue to resolve the issues.

“We are not oblivious of what is happening in our country and across the globe regarding the economic downturn that followed this COVID-19 pandemic. However, the issue of whether we are going to give concession or not is something that has to be discussed at the negotiating table,” he said.

On whether he could suggest concessions that may lead to the resolution of the dispute, Ogunyemi said:

“It is not within my powers as an individual to say whether we will offer concession or not but I believe that our union is a reasonable one and they are welcome to all possibilities. The way to achieve that is not by one side dictating to the other. It has to be a negotiated position.”

When asked if the lecturers would consider discontinuing the indefinite strike action as an offer of olive branch following the burden the country had been put to by the virus outbreak, Ogunyemi also said: “I am not in a position to determine that but what is on the ground now is that the crisis that had emerged because of the COVID-19 attack had shown us that we should be part of the process of finding solutions and we are playing our part. Almost every branch of ASUU is coming up with its intervention programme in terms of information, education and communication as well as donation of materials. We have mandated every branch to start the production of hand sanitizers, and television jingles, printing and distribution of handbills and posters produced in local languages. Even we are producing face masks to give to people in our locality and every branch is doing that,” he said.

The ASUU president said its branches at the Universities of Ibadan, Jos, Maiduguri and Akure had all commenced production of hand sanitizers and are distributing them to members of the public.

He also said that members of ASUU in various branches had been donating materials through the state governors to help in the containment of the COVID-19.

“This is to prove that our members are participating in finding solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic but that is not to say that we still don’t have issues with government. They are two separate things; this one is a global crisis and we are part of the global community standing with our national community.

“The issue we have with government now is that for two months, federal government had withheld our salaries. They are doing sectional payment of salaries to those they think were cooperating with them. But that will not stop us from doing what we are doing.

However, the most important thing is that we want it to be in the public space that ASUU is playing an active role in the present health crisis. As to what will happen to the indefinite strike by our members depends on the way government handles the whole issue.

“If you owe people two, three months salaries and you are not talking about it, I think the whole world will help judge the situation,” he said.

A source from the Federal Ministry of Finance, who spoke to THISDAY during the weekend said that what would likely happen is that both ASUU and the federal government’s negotiating teams would have to sit down at a dialogue table and redesign the way forward.

He said the thinking of government was that the outbreak of the pandemic and its far-reaching economic and social implications had left difficult options for everyone, ASUU inclusive.

“You know we are now entering another phase of our national life and government and ASUU will have to do the needful.

“I think every stakeholder must be ready to make sacrifices so that the universities and indeed other sectors of our national life can recuperate from the damages already inflicted by COVID-19 pandemic, ” he said.

Before the lockdown that led to the closure of all schools nationwide, ASUU had declared an indefinite strike action to protest the stoppage of its members’ salaries and the directive by government forcing them to enroll with the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

ASUU also revisited its agreement with the federal government in February 2019 and demanded that all aspects of the deal not implemented should be religiously implemented.

Apart from asking for 18 months’ time-frame to develop its own alternative salary payment system, the University Transparency and Accountability System (UTAS), the union also demanded a phased release of N1.1 trillion for revitalisation of universities and N220 billion as arrears of earned academic allowances to its members said to have accumulated from the original agreement it had with federal government in 2009.

However, on its part, the federal government urged ASUU members to enroll on IPPIS while waiting for the full development of UTAS.

The government side further promised that ASUU members will be migrated to UTAS whenever it is fully developed.

180NOBS   learnt that the federal government had offered to release N20 billion to federal universities as a show of good faith. The amount is to be released by the ministry of finance before the end of May.

On Earned Academic Allowances (EAA) government pledged to work towards meeting what was due for payment as at November, 2019.

Accordingly, the federal government proposed to also release another N20 billion before April 15 for the payment of EAA.

It reassured the lecturers that no one will miss their legitimate earnings if he enrolls on IPPIS platform.


Home schooling during the coronavirus pandemic could change education forever, says the OECD

  • Homeschooling children during the COVID-19 crisis is changing our approach to education.
  • Experts believe the innovations teachers use during the outbreak may lead to lasting change, with technology playing a bigger role in schools in the future.
  • But advances in e-learning must not leave the educationally disadvantaged behind.

Around the world, schools in over 100 countries are closed to protect against the spread of coronavirus, affecting the education of nearly 1 billion children. For the lucky ones, homeschooling will take the place of the classroom.

In some parts of the world, it will be down to parents to keep their child’s education going as best they can. But digital technologies are increasingly being used to deliver lessons to children at home.

Until the pandemic closed schools, only a minority of children were taught at home. In the United States, an estimated 1.7 million children were homeschooled out of a national school population of 56.6 million.

Coronavirus china virus health healthcare who world health organization disease deaths pandemic epidemic worries concerns Health virus contagious contagion viruses diseases disease lab laboratory doctor health dr nurse medical medicine drugs vaccines vaccinations inoculations technology testing test medicinal biotechnology biotech biology chemistry physics microscope research influenza flu cold common cold bug risk symptomes respiratory china iran italy europe asia america south america north washing hands wash hands coughs sneezes spread spreading precaution precautions health warning covid 19 cov SARS 2019ncov wuhan sarscow wuhanpneumonia pneumonia outbreak patients unhealthy fatality mortality elderly old elder age serious death deathly deadly
The estimated number of home schooled children in the United States 1999-2016

Today, things look very different. Around the world, schools are using existing platforms from the likes of Microsoft and Google as well as conferencing apps like Zoom to deliver lessons for their pupils. In the UK, virtual gym classes delivered by fitness instructor Joe Wicks have proved extremely popular.

Meanwhile, France has created “Ma classe à la maison” (my classroom at home), which can be accessed on devices such as a laptop or a smartphone. It provides four weeks of courses with what the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) describes as “confirmed pedagogical content”.

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Education revolution?

The OECD is tracking how technology is replacing face-to-face teaching. “It is particularly inspiring to see entirely new ways of working emerging, ones that go beyond simply replacing physical schools with digital analogues,” says Tracey Burns, of the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills.

In Japan, private sector companies are offering free online courses to children in lockdown through a government digital platform which allows students and parents to choose which one they study.

“As more schools close, we must pay special attention to the most vulnerable, not just physically, but also academically and psychologically,” says Burns. “All responses must be designed to avoid deepening educational and social inequality.

“As systems massively move to e-learning, the digital divide in connectivity, access to devices and skill levels takes on more weight.”

She says it’s too early to say that bricks-and-mortar schools will be replaced by e-learning anytime soon. But Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at the OECD, sees the crisis as an opportunity to rethink how we organize education.

He argues schools and teachers should no longer be seen as “knowledge delivery systems” and that teachers should be empowered to take greater ownership of what they teach and how they teach it.

Empowering teachers

“I meet many people who say we cannot give teachers and education leaders greater autonomy because they lack the capacity and expertise to deliver on it,” added Schleicher. “But those asked only to reheat pre-cooked hamburgers are unlikely to become master chefs.

“Simply perpetuating our prescriptive approach to teaching will not hold up in this moment of crisis, which demands from teachers not just to replicate their lessons in another medium, but to find entirely new responses to what people learn, how people learn, where people learn and when they learn.”

Drawing on the results of the OECD’s global teaching survey TALIS, he says technology should have a much greater role in the classroom. “Technology cannot just change methods of teaching and learning, it can also elevate the role of teachers from imparting received knowledge towards working as co-creators of knowledge,” he says.

Teachers across the world told the survey a shortage of digital technology in the classroom was hindering learning. Just over half of teachers were able to let their students use computers for projects or classwork.

Only 60% of teachers had received professional development training in the use of technology and almost 20% said they had an urgent need for development in this area. But with the coronavirus pandemic giving us a glimpse of how education could evolve, this could change. Schools may never be the same again when they reopen after COVID-19.


Mathematics Conference 2020



Announces an


In Honour of


THEME: The Role of Mathematical Sciences in Sustainable Development Goals

DATE: 13th – 16th April, 2020.

VENUE: Department of Mathematics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Bosso, Campus.

TIME: 10am



The organizing committee invites the submission of Abstracts and Papers in all areas of Mathematical Sciences; Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics Education. All submissions should be made electronically, using the e-mail address: kradeboye.conference@futminna.edu.ng. Papers should be typeset using Microsoft word. Accepted papers will be compiled and published as the proceedings of the conference. Full paper submission deadline is 13th March, 2020.























                       CHIEF HOST 


PROF. ABDULLAHI BALA                                                              PROF. JONATHAN YISA

VICE CHANCELLOR                                                DEAN, SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES



S. V. P



new flyer


Sierra Leone lifts ban on pregnant girls attending school

Sierra Leone lifts ban on pregnant girls attending school

A ban on pregnant girls attending school was overturned in Sierra Leone on Monday March 30, following a fight spearheaded by human rights activists for five years.


The ban was introduced in the country in 2015 after a rise in rape, abuse and poverty during the deadly Ebola outbreak fueled a spike in teenage pregnancies.


While the government insisted that pregnant girls will be stressed out with attending school, exposed to ridicule and indirectly encourage other girls to get pregnant, critics held that the ban increased stigma and set thousands back in their studies.


A statement which overturned the ban read;


The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education… hereby announces that the ‘ban on pregnant girls attending school’ is overturned with immediate effect.

“Overturning the ban is the first step in building a radically inclusive Sierra Leone where all children are able to live and learn in safety and dignity.”


Education Minister, David Sengeh further disclosed that the ban will be replaced with two new policies focused on “radical inclusion” and “comprehensive safety” in the education system.


Judy Gitau, Africa coordinator of women’s rights group Equality Now, which worked with the government said the safety policy will include measures to protect girls from sexual violence in schools.


Reuters reported that human rights groups filed a case against Sierra Leone with West Africa’s top court in 2018. The court ruled in their favour in December, saying the ban was discriminatory and violated the right to equal education.


Coronavirus:- Ebonyi quarantined over 800 students and staff of the School of Nursing

Ebonyi State government, on Wednesday, quarantined over 800 students and staff of the School of Nursing, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Afikpo or fear they might have contracted the corovirus.

Government took the decision after a management staff of the school returned recently from a medical trip from Italy and mingled with students and staff without first subjecting himself to the 14 days self -isolation and COVID-19 test as directed by the government.

It was learnt that the commissioners for Education, Dr. Onyebuchi Chima; Internal Security and Border Peace, Stanley Okoroemegha and Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health,Dr.Chris Achi, had visited the school following reports about the teacher that returned from Italy.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health,Dr. Chris Achi, who addressed students and staff, said that there was need for the government to be sure that the virus had not been spread in the school, saying all students and staff would be quarantined inside the school compound for a 14 days.

Governor David Umahi also ordered that the Italy returnee principal and administrator of the school should be arrested and kept at the Abakaliki quarantine centre for 14 days. (The Sun)


Coronavirus:- Ebsu Students To Receive Lectures Online

Recall that Oxford and Cambridge universities are to replace this summer’s exams with online assessments due to the coronavirus pandemic, amid calls by thousands of UK students to be allowed to opt out of doing their finals or restart their final year.

Though ebonyi state university students will not be left out in this case as the managements has actually plea with lecturers to device a means to lecture students online pending eradication of coronavirus in the country.

Futhermore only one lecturer. Dr. Jude ogbodo in the department of Mass communication has agreed to take up such responsibility amidst the coronavirus shut down of all schools raging from tertiary institution to nursery level this statement was actually made not to us by the course rep of year one students in the department of mass communication. Irem Kelvin chigozie

“I wish to inform you that I have been working to make sure we keep ourselves busy in this difficult time of strike and Corona virus issues. Hence, Dr. Jude ogbodo have graciously agreed to deliver lectures to us online. I’ve created a Facebook page where he shall always take us on the two courses he handles. I will post the link her for us to join. Dr. Jude have been very kind and loving to us as such let use recognize his kindness and no one should in anyway take such for granted.

✍️Irem Kelvin chigozie
Course Rep.


InterswitchSPAK Takes STEM to Agidingbi Senior Grammar Secondary School


In furtherance of Interswitch’s commitment to reward and inspire students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), select staff of Interswitch Group recently had one day specially dedicated to teaching STEM subjects at Agidingbi Senior Grammar School in Lagos.

Under the Interswitch Volunteer Network program, select staff of Interswitch Group visited the school and taught Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics and Biology to SS1, SS2 and SS3 students.

InterswitchSPAK, a CSR initiative of Interswitch Group, is a pan-African science competition designed to empower students studying STEM. The initiative was introduced for high school students to develop, ignite and chart career paths in STEM fields, while driving them towards optimizing their potentials to make Africa a better place.

Enyioma Anaba, Group Head, Corporate Marketing at Interswitch Group, noted that the goal of the initiative is to contribute to Nigeria and Africa’s quest to drive up interest in STEM.

She said: “At Interswitch we are committed to providing mentorship which is why the Interswitch Volunteer Network program is a critical part of the InterswitchSPAK Switch-a-Future initiative. The aim is use the program to expand the desired impact of the InterswitchSPAK initiative. With the program we are connecting more Interswitch staff with more secondary school students to provide mentorship while reiterating the importance of STEM to the students, the nation and the Africa continent”.

She explained that the goal of the InterswitchSPAK project is to encourage students to be interested in and possibly seek opportunities in the tech space. “We want to catch them young. As the world gradually gravitates towards technology, the future of work becomes more and more hinged on higher levels of productivity, innovation, and automation. Therefore, it is important that the younger generation is primed for this shift as they would be at the forefront of rapid adoption of the machine age”, she added.

Kola Odesanmi, Principal of Agidingbi Senior Grammar School, thanked Interswitch staff for creating time to teach the students, and encourage them in the STEM space. He said, “STEM education is becoming increasingly important in the light of the growing interconnectedness occasioned by the emerging digital society.”

He called on other corporate organizations to follow the good example that the Interswitch Group has set, by investing in young students who are the future of the country.

The Interswitch Volunteer Network program is in its second year. The maiden edition of the volunteer drive was held last year in two secondary schools; Ajuwon High School and Community High School Ojodu-Abiodun, Ogun State. The program has not only impacted the young students but also influenced conversations around teens, technology and human potential.



Nigerian mum who went back to school after having 4 kids, graduates with a PhD

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to gush about her mother who went back to school after having her and her 3 siblings.


According to @sophiebello, her mother who enrolled for a first degree program while she (sophie) was in the University recently bagged a Doctorate degree. She also recalled how her mother took care of her grandchild while working on her thesis.


Read her tweets below;


Nigerian mum who went back to school after having 4 kids, graduates with a PhDNigerian mum who went back to school after having 4 kids, graduates with a PhD


KWASU teacher and understudy pass on in street mishap

A Kwara State University (KWASU) lecturer and a postgraduate student of the institution reportedly died in an accident that occurred on Monday October 18.


A university bus carrying 15 staff and students was involved in the accident which occurred at  Minna-Lambata road.


Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq who commiserated with the families of the deceased said in a statement “We are devastated by this sad development involving one female lecturer and an MSc student who left a heart-wrenching message that the government has taken note of. As believers, we submit to the will of God on this development. We condole with the families of the deceased and the entire university community. We urge them to stay strong in this very trying moment.

“We also specially commend all the first responders who helped to take them to the hospitals and supported them, including Prof. Musa Aibinu, head of department of Mechatronics Engineering at the Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna; Honourable Liman Shuaib representing Suleja (Abuja); staff and management of College of Health Technology, Minna; Lambatta Medical Centre; Izon General Hospital; the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC); and the police, among others.”


Relevant authorities in the state have been directed to quickly take over the medical care of the injured.


Student of Anambra State University rushed to hospital after she allegedly attempted suicide by drinking Sniper

A student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), formerly known as Anambra State University, was rushed to the hospital after she allegedly attempted suicide by drinking a popular pesticide called Sniper.


The lady, whose name has been given as Okafor Chidinma, was supposed to have graduated with the last set but is being held back because of an incident.


She took to Facebook before the act to leave a suicide note of some sort. In the note, she explained why the school is still holding her back from graduating with her mates.


She explained that her HOD invited her for a meeting where she was accused of stealing a book and made to face the school’s disciplinary panel. She was also made to write a statement and replace the book in question.


Yet, she said the school has refused to allow her to graduate after four years of study.


She added in the Facebook suicide post: “I tagged my coursemates mostly because apparently one or two of them is responsible for this.”


She continued: “Okafor Chidinma is out of the way. I hope your life gets better.


Student of Anambra State University rushed to hospital after she allegedly attempted suicide by drinking Sniper


Thankfully, help got to Chidinma shortly after she consumed the substance and she was rushed to the hospital where she is said to be “conscious and in recovery.”



Student of Anambra State University rushed to hospital after she allegedly attempted suicide by drinking Sniper

Student of Anambra State University rushed to hospital after she allegedly attempted suicide by drinking Sniper


Young girl selling groundnut gets enrolled in better school after signing graduate’s shirt In Minna

A young girl who hawks groundnuts has finally found favour from Nigerians after her photo went viral

In a photo that recently made the rounds, the young girl had begged a Futminna graduate to sign his shirt during his sign out

– The emotional photo has now earned her an education at the university staff school

Social media has both its advantages and defects. This depends on how people decide to use the opportunity. Many individuals have found their fortune and goodwill on social media.

Just recently, a photo went viral and it touched the hearts of many. In the photo, a young girl who hawks groundnuts was spotted signing a Futminna graduate’s shirt after he completed his final exams.

It was gathered that the young girl had pleaded to sign the Futminna graduate’s shirt as she wished to be like him one day.

In a new development, the young girl has now been enrolled in the university’s staff school after the viral photo touched the hearts of many.

The young girl was also invited for an interactive session at the university’s radio station where she revealed it was her dream to be like the graduate one day.

The touching information was shared by one Abdullahi Yusuf (@Ay_Bawaa) on Twitter. See his post below:

An interview with the girl on the university radio station (http://search.fm ) and she said it is her dream to be like him one day

Beautiful. The power of social media.



HiFL: UNICAL Malabites hailed after historic win

Our Reporter


Organisers  of the Higher Institutions Football League (HiFL),  PACE Sports and Entertainment Marketing, has hailed the extraordinary performance of University of Calabar they finished the 2019 season as overall winners.

Last Saturday’s final was  repeat of the 2019 finals but it was UNICAL Malabites that  took home the trophy when they edged defending champions UAM Tillers 5-4 on penalties to emerge champions for the second time in the history of the tournament said that he is impressed with the huge support that the league has garnered and sustained since its launch especially during the second season.

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“It is heart-warming to deliver a bigger, bolder and even better second season as promised,” declared Director, PACE Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Sola Fijabi. “We are especially happy that the league did not only create an engagement platform for brands and several stakeholders, but it also unified students across Nigeria.”

This year, 32  teams participated in the 2019 HiFL season with UNILORIN Warriors emerging  second runners up after defeating OAU Giants in a thrilling encounter that ended 4-3 on penalties.

The Higher Institutions Football League is organised by PACE Sports and Entertainment Marketing in partnership with the Nigerian Universities Games Association (NUGA). The league is sponsored by Stanbic IBTC, Indomie Nigeria and premier cool.


TRCN says 45,301 teachers qualify for licenses

Agency Reporter

No fewer than 45,301 teachers who wrote the October Diet of the Teachers’ Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) have qualified to register for teaching licenses.

Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, the Registrar, Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), disclosed this in Abuja on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

NAN recalls that the examination, which was conducted in 47 centres across the country, started on Oct. 11 in states with large number of candidates and ended on Oct. 12.

Ajiboye said that the results had been approved by the Governing Council of TRCN, adding that the 62,895 out of 66,354 teachers that registered participated in the examination.

“The result was not bad because the average performance of those who passed the examination is 72.03 per cent, which is 45,301 candidates, while 27.97 per cent which is 17,594 candidates failed.

“Going by the states performances, the teachers from Lagos State recorded 88.19 per cent followed by Enugu State with 85.76 per cent and Kano State with 84.69 per cent.

“The performances of the candidates from other states are also very encouraging and the Federal Ministry of Education and TRCN Governing Board are happy with it,” he said.

He said that even though PQE was not an achievement test, it was important to ensure that an individual registered as a professional teacher.

He stressed that the council would not issue teaching certificate and license to any teacher without writing the examination.

“We are now preparing for November/December diet of PQE, for the council to meet up with the deadline of Dec. 31.

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“We are organising this Batch C to meet up the requests from many teachers who wish to meet the December deadline and the registration of the candidate will end by Nov. 8.

“The conduct of the November/December PQE is schedule for Dec. 6 and Dec. 7. Those who failed Oct. diet have the opportunity to re-enroll and re-write the examination with the new set.

“Those who also passed should go ahead to register at the centre close to them to be able to get their certificates and licences as qualified teachers,” he said.

Ajiboye gave assurance that TRCN would not back down on its position to flush out unregistered or unqualified teachers out of the education system by Dec. 31.

“It is not only TRCN’s position but the position of National Council on Education that has to be implemented. We will make sure we enforce the law and by January 2020, we will begin to move around for enforcement,” he said. (NAN)