Coronavirus:- Ebsu Students To Receive Lectures Online

Recall that Oxford and Cambridge universities are to replace this summer’s exams with online assessments due to the coronavirus pandemic, amid calls by thousands of UK students to be allowed to opt out of doing their finals or restart their final year.

Though ebonyi state university students will not be left out in this case as the managements has actually plea with lecturers to device a means to lecture students online pending eradication of coronavirus in the country.

Futhermore only one lecturer. Dr. Jude ogbodo in the department of Mass communication has agreed to take up such responsibility amidst the coronavirus shut down of all schools raging from tertiary institution to nursery level this statement was actually made not to us by the course rep of year one students in the department of mass communication. Irem Kelvin chigozie

“I wish to inform you that I have been working to make sure we keep ourselves busy in this difficult time of strike and Corona virus issues. Hence, Dr. Jude ogbodo have graciously agreed to deliver lectures to us online. I’ve created a Facebook page where he shall always take us on the two courses he handles. I will post the link her for us to join. Dr. Jude have been very kind and loving to us as such let use recognize his kindness and no one should in anyway take such for granted.

✍️Irem Kelvin chigozie
Course Rep.

Adejoh Enemosah

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