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Coronavirus:- Ebonyi To Be In Total Lockdown From Saturday


Public Service Announcement

This is to inform the general public that Ebonyi State Government has taken further steps to ensure that COVID-19 does not enter into the State.

To this effect, Ebonyi State Government shall from Saturday 28th March 2020, stop all passenger vehicles from entering the State. There will be restriction of passengers/commuters coming in and out of Ebonyi State.

The position of Ebonyi State Government is that everybody should stay where he/she is until this unfortunate scourge of coronavirus is over.

The government would like Ebonyians to inform their family members, visitors, friends and well-wishers to be aware of this directive as there will be no exemption to its enforcement.

Meanwhile, any attempt to violate this directive will be strongly resisted and defaulters will be arraigned before the COVID-19 Examination Room.
All entry/exist points, both land and sea in Ebonyi State shall be barricaded.

Given the foregoing, only vehicles on special duties such as vehicles carrying foodstuff, drugs, oil, petroleum and gas as well as construction materials shall be exempted from this directive as long as such drivers are not carrying passengers. Meaning, only driver alone will be allowed with such vehicles on essential services.

Ugbala Kenneth Igwe, Ph.D.
Secretary to the State Government/Coordinating Commissioner

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