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Anti-feminist response to the rise of South Korea


Anti-feminism backlash on the rise in South Korea

Condemning women’s quotas, slandering short-haired Olympic champions, and calling for the abolition of the Ministry of Gender itself-even after the presidential candidate joined, South Korea’s strong opposition to feminism has increased.

As a leading technology center, it is still a male-dominated society. The negative evaluation of women’s rights has been controversial in recent years, because young women have fought for the legalization of abortion and organized a wide range of #MeToo and anti-espionage campaigns. Become the greatest movement.
Demonstrations for women’s rights. Some militants promised in the best form that they would never get married, have no children, or even have sex with men, while others have become popular by putting on makeup in videos to protest the country’s strict beauty standards.
Violent online activities have now seen fierce reactions on the Internet. the Members of anti-feminist groups, usually right-wing extremists, even intimidated the three-time Olympic champion Ansan because of her short hair during the Tokyo Olympics and demanded that she return her medals and apologize .
Since its launch in February, the channel has attracted more than 300,000 subscribers, and its online activity may be very intense. Women shave their heads to protest crime with spy camerasThey have received apologies from companies and even government agencies for using fingerprints in advertisements, which they claim are “extreme feminists” who use the small penis symbol.
The broader anti-feminist sentiment promised to abolish the Ministry of Gender. Critics accuse the ministry of “intensifying” social tensions in the country, and young people say that gender equality policies do not solve problems that affect men. Nearly two years of compulsory military service has delayed entering a career in a highly competitive society, and women are not subject to this restriction.
Agence France-Presse must be disbanded to reduce “the huge social costs caused by gender conflict.” In a previous TV show, he told MBC TV station: “Looks like a zombie, the Ministry of Magic still exists, although it is dead, so it only has a negative impact.”
“In response to progress,” said Sharon Yun, a professor of Korean studies at the University of Notre Dame. “What we are seeing now is a strong reaction to all the recent progress made by the Korean feminist movement. After years of work. The 36-year-old PNP chairman Lee Jun-suk has become one of the most popular young politicians in the country.
Lee Jun-suk, a conservative politician Compared to Donald TrumpThe conservative politician Lee Jun-seok has been compared to Donald Trump. KIM Minhee Poole / AFP / File He has repeatedly expressed his opposition to gender quotas and “radical feminism” and that gender equality and family services must be abolished.
Some people oppose former US President Donald Trump because his sometimes controversial remarks are that young women in the country are no longer discriminated against in education or in the early labor market. “They are victims of discrimination,” Lee said in an interview with the Korea Economic Daily. Jinsuk Kim, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, said politicians use the resentment of disgruntled people to win their votes. Of these men think they are victims of feminism, “for example, through affirmative action.

Anti-feminism the loss of privilege is related to the decline in economic growth, rising inequality, and rising real estate prices. As a result, many Koreans are eager to buy information about Jaeho from Gyeonggi Province. Researchers from the Institute pointed out that in the past few decades, women’s participation in the labor market and the resulting competition has increased, while military service is still reserved for men only, and generations of older men enjoy the privilege of sex discrimination.

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These privileges have a long history: among the developed countries of the OECD, the gender wage gap is the largest in the south of the country, and the unpaid housework performed by women is 2.6 times that of men. Only 5.2% of board members of Korean companies are women. Developed OECD clubs have the largest gender pay gap
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