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9 Things Women Wear That Guys Secretly Love (No 5 will shock you)


9 Things Women Wear That Guys Secretly Love

In this article,females are going to be surprised at which outfits are literally guys’ favorites. Guys dig these looks because they appear absolutely incredible and are considered stylish or sexy. Now understand that ‘sexy’ isn’t entirely an element during this article so bikinis and being half naked(or indecently dressed)which are assumed by the feminine gender to be the design guys crave isn’t considered here. Well,I can’t deny most guys don’t crave seeing ladies rock peekabo tops and tight pants looks but there are things men like to see women wear that have absolutely nothing to try to to with sex. Ladies,you can increase your chances of forging a true reference to someone outside of 1 that’s purely sexual especially if their romantic desires align with yours.Now,here are the nine casual looks that drive the dudes crazy!

1. Glasses
Is it just me or glasses make less attractive people hot and hot people even hotter.A woman wearing glasses is sexy for several reasons: the proper pair of glasses makes a lady appear as if there’s more to her than meets the attention .It causes you to mysterious,it causes you to appear as if a bookworm or a vocable artist otherwise you graduated with a primary class.You don’t need to wear it whenever ,unless you’ve got a chronic eye problem.

2. Sundresses
Sundresses make every woman anything but unappealing.These dresses hugs every curve,assuming you’re curvy.

Guys already see women as these beautiful, whimsical creatures, and once you wear a sundress, it just plays into how we view you even more.

3. Baseball caps

A jockey cap can do wonders for a few women. It can make a lady look comfy and sporty.

To go back to what I said within the introduction, you don’t want to necessarily strengthen your desirability in hopes of finding a partner. that might be “the shotgun approach,” meaning a good spread with little or no pinpoint accuracy.

Baseball caps, very similar to glasses, raise questions, and you’re far better off piquing our curiosity than you’re piquing our sexual desires.

4. Ponytails
We have loved ponytails since kindergarten(especially if they’re blonde).It is no secret that guys love long hair.We love touching, admiring, smelling and pulling your long hair.

Ponytails are often elegant for various reasons.For one,it shows off your face and it’s quite comfy.. Long hair, bangs, all that stuff takes faraway from your face and causes you to look different (not necessarily for worse).

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5. Make Up

Ladies,you have probably heard it over and once again that structure may be a “no-no”.I can’t count the amount of times I even have cringed at seeing ladies apply their structure right ahead of me.”No-Makeup Day” isn’t my idea,though but i do know that the majority guys will agree that using cover-ups, concealers, bronzers doesn’t need to be a daily routine.Forego mascara each day within the week and knowledge the worst(or otherwise). we would like to ascertain the important you. we all know you’ve got flaws; so can we .We want to ascertain you during a different light.Not an excessive amount of to ask,is it?

6. Sports jerseys
Sport jerseys all the way.How many times have you ever seen a diminutive cutie rocking her boyfriend’s jersey within the movies as her boyfriend smacks her butt. Honestly, we’re just happy at the mere possibility that something meaning such a lot to us could be something we will share with you.

7. Leather jackets
Do you have a leather jacket in your closet right now(and the attitude to travel with it?).They make you look confident and prepared to require on the planet .Leather jackets give off a particular appeal.You fit the role of our bad ass sidekick.Need I say more?

8. Sneakers
Sneakers offer you an athletic look.A lady which will ditch her heels for sneaks once during a while may be a keeper(so I think).Pink sneaks,knee length shorts,and a pink hoodie with a tuft of hair protruding above the forehead..hmmm.We don’t just love you looking slim and toned in heels. We like sneakers and trainers .It simply means different and funky . and that we need a different and funky chick

9. Anything that’s ours
Guys may pretend to complain once you wear a favorite T-shirt of theirs, but secretly,they like it .

It says 100 things once you grab one among our items of clothing and take it. You’re saying you’re proud to be with us, and you don’t care who knows it; you’re saying we’ve great style; maybe you would like to smell us when we’re not around.

Whatever the reason, if you’re wearing something that belongs to us, it can only mean goodies for us

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