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10 mistakes upcoming artists normally make



10 mistakes upcoming artists normally make

Upcoming artists are always involved in wrong decisions. This might keep them to be upcoming till they quit. Some are involved, probably because they are new to the system and don’t know things are been done.

By avoiding some the problems listed below and putting in more works. Then jumping from upcoming to main a top star is sure.

10 mistakes upcoming artists normally make

1. No profile:

Most upcoming artists don’t have profile and expect themselves to be known. As an artist, it very crucial to have a profile of yourself. So that when someone wants to know you, he/she can be referred to your and see details and your capabilities.

Most upcoming artists don’t have profile and expect themselves to be known. As an artist, it very crucial to have a profile of yourself. So that when someone wants to know you, he/she can be referred to your and see details and your capabilities.

You can create a profile on people’s blog, social media like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. Your profile should contain all the crucial details need to been known about you.

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2. No social media account:

Any artist that doesn’t have a social media account is totally out of the game. Social media is where most artists are seen. Nobody is coming to your room door to ask what you are up to. It’s on social media that the whole world can see what your capabilities, your skills and lot more.

It is expected for artists both upcoming and super star to have a social media account. Because people can only contact you for show or interview through your social media.

3. Not often updating your account with a freestyle:

People or probably the record label that wants to get you signed will always look up for your new uploads on your social account. As an upcoming you need to always post a cool freestyle so that you can at least remain evergreen in the mind of your fans and followers.

Often dropping freestyle also help in growing fans. When posting freestyles, upcoming artists are expected to tag other top artists.

4. Posting dead link:

Posting dead links is the process of uploading a link of your song that doesn’t exist. Most upcoming artists don’t keep to their song they uploaded either in their profile or social media account.

Most websites or blog normally expires within months and when that happens your link will no more exist. Thereby become a problem when someone clicks on the link.

Artists are advised to always check the link to their song often.

5. Not advertising your songs:

What is the essence of dropping a hit track but no one knows about it? Upcoming artist are always involved in this act, they always say that the money for advertisement is very high.

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As an upcoming artist your expected grow the habit of advertising your songs on top sites like Naijarhymes, Naijamusic, Naijaloaded depending on the one you can afford.

6. Not linking with others:

This is very important when it comes to making music. When you link or mingle with artists, producers, song writers etc the chance of expanding your knowledge of music in very high.

Some upcoming artists always think they can do it on their own. They always stay own their own without knowing that they need a record label to sign them.

Upcoming coming artist are expected to avoid isolating themselves from other artists. and form the habit of linking themselves with other artists.

7. Not featuring others:

Don’t think you can do it all alone. There are good talented artists out there that can give you what you want. Not featuring other artist in your song will make you to look out dated in the industry.

Upcoming artists are supposed to always feature other relevant artist on their song.

8. Not going for free shows:

Upcoming artists always find it difficult to perform for free, which is very bad as an upcoming that doesn’t made a name yet. Going for free shows even if money is not involved is good as an upcoming. As it will allow you to advice and show yourself to the fans and other important managers that might find it interesting to sign you.

Most super stars went for free shows during their struggling days and it is advisable for new artists to do so.

9. Not genre

Some artists are not specific with their particular type of music. They do hip hop today, tomorrow they jump into R&B. Some sing today, next time them rapping, forgetting that jack of all tread is the master of none.

The mistake of not being specific should be avoided by upcoming artists. They should endeavor to concentrate on a particular type of song and style.

10. No record label:

Most upcoming artist don’t even have a record label they are into. New artists are expected to look for a record label and make a deal with them, whether it’s a small label.

Firstly, you have to start with small record label and then pray to get signed into well known record label, because this forms part of your profile.

In conclusion, Upcoming artists should avoid the mistakes listed above. And also work hard and pray. With your hard work and consistency you can become a super star tomorrow

10 mistakes upcoming artists normally make:

  1. No profile
  2. No social media account
  3. Not often updating your account with a freestyle
  4. Posting dead link
  5. Not advertising your songs
  6. Not linking with others
  7. Not featuring others
  8. Not going for free shows
  9. Not genre
  10. No record label
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